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About Metal Image

We fabricate, supply and install a whole range of Flagpoles, Lighting Poles, Banners, Banners Frame, Mailboxes / Letterboxes and more.

Metal Image is one of only a few Singapore based companies who specialized in the production of Mailboxes/Letterboxes, Flagpoles, Banners and Signages.



We Design, Fabricate, Supply and Install


  • Aluminium Poles / Flagpoles

  • Traffic Signages

  • Letterboxes / Mailboxes

  • Large Printing Format Advertising

  • Flags / Banners & Bannerettes

  • Hoardings

  • Signages

  • Exhibition Event

  • Railings

  • NDP Banners

  • Bollards

  • Breeching Inlets

  • Engraving / Etching

  • Dropbox

  • Laser Cutting of Aluminium and Acrylic